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When filing a lien 3 dates are critical:

1. The date the vehicle came into your shop.
2. The date you completed the work or presented the owner with a bill.
3. The day the Lien Sale is filed.

The value of the vehicle will determine the type of lien that must be filed. A VEHICLE VALUED OVER $ 4,000.00 will require an
authorization from the DMV and must be advertised in a local paper. This is known as a long lien and takes about 90 days.

A vehicle VALUED UNDER $ 4,000.00 can be processed
immediately, this is known as a Short Lien Sale and can
be completed in 31 days.

Not all lien sales are the same and covered by different vehicle
codes or civil codes. There are 4 basic types of liens for the
Automotive Industry
and the amount of storage fees that you may
reasonably charge will vary depending on the type of lien you claim
and how soon you file the lien:

1. A Lien for Towing and Storage (15 days storage)
2. A Lien for Repairs done to the vehicle (30 days)
3. A Lien done by a Self Storage Facility (will vary)
4. A Lien for an Abandoned Vehicle (none specific)

In addition to this information: Once the lien sale is completed, you
have 20 days to register the vehicle. If the vehicle qualifies, you
may be able to waive interest and penalties. In some cases we
can get a clear title for as little as $ 30.00.

We will also be glad to handle your lien sale transfers, regardless
of who did the lien sale..

  • Orange County: Tom Lazzara serves Orange County and is the owner of Lazzara Enterprises.  He has an expert knowledge of Lien Sales and DMV regulations.  Contact Tom at (714) 715-7951 or via email at


  • Inland Empire / San Bernardino: Cathy Lazzara serves the Inland Empire.  In addition to Lien Sales and DMV services Cathy also helps our customers with business tax / payroll accounting. Contact Cathy at (714) 767-7467 or via email at
  • Los Angeles: Mike Lazzara email at
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